With predictions earlier in the year pointing towards an organizational debacle, the Brazil World Cup was without doubt the best tournament in years for Initio and our clients. In a country where football is their religion, this was hardly surprising.


First stop for our team was Manaus. The humidity was a shock to everyone however the the warmth and openness of the Manaus people made the jungle a very hospitable stay, which was aided with the luxury accommodation sourced by Initio. For one group in particular this involved a private yacht charter for their stay. A totally unique way to take in the Brazilian rain forest this alleviated the problem of limited 5* accommodation. This remote location was also the perfect excuse for some once in a life time excursions also organised by Initio, which saw encounters with the Pink Amazon River Dolphins and Parana’s to name a few key moments. Manaus cuisine was amazing, with a fantastic selection of fresh fish available along with Tacaca, the local Amazon soup.



Santana I Swimming

The carnival atmosphere of Sao Paulo greatly helped the disappointment of England’s loss to Uruguay. With everything minus the bars and clubs closed for the football, parties spilled out on the streets. The exclusive Sky Bar, Jardin, proved an excellent find by our team. Stunning views over the city from the roof terrace made this locale the perfect starting and ending point for our clients evening entertainment.


Hospitality, flights, excursions, restaurant and club reservations courtesy of Initio. With special thanks to Concierge Car Brazil, who provided first class transport and translation services for our staff and clients.


Initio’s Match of the tournament Brazil 1 – 7 Germany. There was a point, after 0-0 had raced to 0-5 in the space of 18 minutes, when the goals were coming too quickly to count.

Initio’s Player of the tournament Thomas Müller. It seems strange now but, until the semi-final, we would probably have gone for David Luiz. From that point onwards, it was like a switch had gone off in his head.

Initio’s Goal of the tournament Tim Cahill, Australia v Holland. An honorary mention to James Rodríguez but, unfortunately, we missed his best moments. That’s the only bad thing when you are doing this job at a World Cup: you actually see surprisingly little of the football. You’re either flying, on the road, or standing in a queue somewhere.

Initio’s Personal highlight Being there on Sunday night. The World Cup Final.

 Initio’s Biggest disappointment Holland 0 Argentina 0. All those great players and yet there’s no point dressing it up – the semi-final was an absolute stinker.

Initio’s Team of the tournament Neuer; Lahm, Vlaar, Hummels, Blind; Mascherano, Kroos; Robben, Neymar, Rodríguez: Müller.

Initio’s Fondest memory of Brazil Where to start? The morning view of Copacabana, the beers in Bar do Gomez at Santa Teresa, the people-watching on Avenida Atlântica and the good times at Marina da Glória. Plus the noise and mild hysteria at Brazil’s games. And the way they belted out that national anthem.

Initio’s Innovations for 2018 To source a transfer companies and restaurants that can offer the high standards our clients enjoyed in Brazil.